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The game Crash is famous among players for its simple and engaging gameplay. It is mostly preferred by fast-paced games lovers. Crash Play fourward into a time shattered adventure wi

Crash Bandicoot: The main protagonist of the series. He is a bandicoot who often foils Cortex's plans. In the earlier games, despite himself not being so strong, he can use Aku Aku to defend himself and also uses the spin attack along with a range of other moves to destroy enemies. In the later games, he is considerably stronger as he can beat up titans using his bare fists and scale certain walls.

Aku Aku: Once a human, his soul was absorbed inside a mask and now he acts as Crash's sidekick. He often protects Crash from hazards such as enemies. He also acts as a shield for Crash in the later games. He's the brother of Uka Uka.

Neo Cortex: The main antagonist of the series. He is an evil scientist with a passion for mutating animals to create an army. Crash often foils his diabolical plans. However, Cortex has made many attempts to kill the bandicoot, but has always failed.

Coco Bandicoot: Crash's smarter, younger sister. She is very good with technology and has created numerous inventions to help Crash and Aku Aku out on their adventures. She is the only female major protagonist. She is also good at fighting.

Uka Uka: Like Aku Aku, he was human until his soul was absorbed into his mask. He was then imprisoned by Aku Aku and the Ancients before meeting and teaming up with Cortex. He acts as an overarching antagonist.

Crunch Bandicoot: A super-warrior of unbelievable strength, he was initially created to be General of the "Cortex Commandos" after Crash defied Cortex. However, Crash freed Crunch and the Super-Bandicoot had defected to the good side.

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